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These Holiday Hustles Are Good for You

Note: This article is over 60 days old, and may contain information that is out of date, or has been superseded by newer information.

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, exercising often gets left behind in your dust. While walking around a grocery or mall is exercise, does it unstress you? Hardly. CHP proudly sponsors two holiday walks and runs that will lift your mood, burn calories (pumpkin pie, anyone?), and benefit good causes. Have an outing with friends or family!

November 27, Tallahassee Turkey Trot

Gulfwinds Track Club Event

8:00 a.m. 1-mile Turkey Gobbler walk/run

8:30 a.m. 5K, 10K, 15K

State Office Complex, Capital Circle S.E.

Register online at, on race day 6:45–7:30 a.m., or call 850-425-6671.

For full information, including the pre-race Music Fest on November 23, see the website.


December 6, Jingle Bell Run

City of Tallahassee, Winter Festival

6:15 p.m. 3K

Monroe Street at Park Avenue

For registration details, visit or call 850-891-3860.

Ask Dr. Nancy - Free & Low Cost Ways to Get Healthy

Note: This article is over 60 days old, and may contain information that is out of date, or has been superseded by newer information.

Q: I want to get healthy . . . if it’s free or low cost! Any suggestions?

The answers are more plentiful than you may expect. The rest is up to you! Here are a few simple suggestions that will make a difference in your life.


It’s the easiest, best free exercise of all. Just don’t set unrealistic goals. Start with even 10 or 15 minutes at a time, and work up to 30 minutes five days a week. Rainy day? Walk in the mall. You’ll quickly feel the mood and energy boost of walking. (Also consider a fitness center, now more affordable with a CHP $150 membership reimbursement. See page 3 for details!)

Control portion size.

If you’re not ready to change your diet drastically, begin by reducing amounts—and eat more slowly. Using smaller plates and bowls at home is a good trick. They’ll look full, and you’ll discover you still feel full with less food. Most meals cooked at home are cheaper and have fewer calories than restaurant meals. If you have leftovers, freeze them for later rather than grazing on them after hours. Avoid eating anything two to three hours before going to bed. In addition to avoiding acid reflux (heart burn), studies show eating fewer calories later in the day promotes less storage of those calories as fat.

Stop buying and eating junk food.

Break away from this unhealthy American pastime. Most fast food restaurants have healthy choices now. Make the healthy choice.


I’m serious. A good belly laugh actually has healthful physiological effects (also smiles and chuckles). Stress and worry can cause illness. So be open to looking on the light side, watch and read comedies, and seek out people with a good sense of humor. The doctor says: yuck it up.

Take our new online Health Survey.

This great tool yields personal health help. You answer questions that take 15–20 minutes and then receive an individualized (and updateable) report. The survey also creates forms that you can take to doctors’ visits, lets you set and track health goals, and generates a tailor-made list of information resources. The Health Survey is a terrific way to map the “big picture” of your health and decide personal goals. Do you want to lose 20 pounds, improve your strength and balance, or reduce the medications you take? CHP can help! Try this and other online services and don’t forget our 24-hour Health Coaching phone line (850-383-3400). We also have health classes and support groups through our Health Promotions department (850-383-3511) and their community partners. Live well. It’s your choice!

To Access the Health Survey

  1. Click on Members tab.
  2. Click CHP Health Coaching.
  3. Log on with your user ID and password (or register, if you are a first-time user).
  4. Click Health Tools.
  5. Click Health Survey.

Give a Little of Your Sole: Walking for Community & Health

Note: This article is over 60 days old, and may contain information that is out of date, or has been superseded by newer information.

Part of Capital Health Plan’s commitment to its members is commitment to the community. One perfect avenue is participating in the sponsored walks and runs of charitable organizations. The walks help raise funds for important causes and promote health. They are a great way for CHP to invest in the community and bring friends and family together. CHP senior management has partnered with staff to form the CHP Walking Team—employees willing to give a little of their sole.

Get in Stride Yourself.

You’re invited to join the CHP team or form a team of your own. During the past year, this walking prescription has benefited our employees while serving others. If a daily fitness walk could be put in a pill, it would be the most popular prescription in the world. Major research shows the benefits are numerous and the risks low. Walking strengthens your heart, lowers blood pressure, helps to reduce body fat, and improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Stop by and see us at the events listed below!

Sickle Cell Walk

September 13, 2008
Start: 8:30 a.m.
Jake Gaither Park

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

September 28, 2008
Registration: 12:30 p.m. Start: 3 p.m.
SouthWood Center


October 12, 2008
Registration: 2 p.m. Start: 3 p.m.
Location to be announced

Heart Walk

October 18, 2008
Start: 9 a.m.
Tom Brown Park