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CHP is a Thriving 25 Thanks to You!

Note: This article is over 60 days old, and may contain information that is out of date, or has been superseded by newer information.

Twenty-five years ago, Capital Health Plan opened its doors for business as Tallahassee's first HMO. We had a brand new 15,000 square-foot health center on Centerville Road, a handful of staff, great expectations . . . and very few customers! Fortunately several thousand of you were willing to take a chance in 1982 on this brand new program, were pleased with your experiences, and told friends and neighbors. The result? Your health plan not only survived-it thrived.

That result was not typical for health plans, as our community has seen many come, go, or be restructured. What made the difference for CHP? Many things, almost all of which involve the efforts of great people. CHP has been blessed with a talented board of directors, exceptional medical community, strong affiliations with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, supportive area employers, and a wonderful staff. Most important, CHP has been blessed with an outstanding membership, remarkable in its consistent, long-term support. There isn't a health plan anywhere in the country that has received stronger support year after year from its membership.

Today, thanks to your support, CHP has developed into a vital healthcare resource for our community-a resource we are committed to continually improve. Toward that end, check out our latest enhancement, CHP Health Coaching, on the next page. We think that many of you will find it a valuable resource for working with your doctor to optimize your health and well-being.

On behalf of the board, management, and staff of Capital Health Plan, I want to thank you for permitting us to serve you and this community for 25 years. We appreciate so much your consistent support and look forward to the opportunities we have working together to build a bright healthcare future for our community.