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CHP ID Cards get a new look!

Note: This article is over 60 days old, and may contain information that is out of date, or has been superseded by newer information.

After several years of the same CHP member identification cards, change is coming! We have created new ID cards for both our commercial and Medicare members. These new cards will be more durable than the current cards - eliminating the need for our members to order a replacement card because the card cannot be read.

You can see samples of the front of each card below. They are different for Medicare and Commercial members so that offices can recognize the card at a glance. The Commercial cards have the Centerville Health Center; Medicare cards have the Governor’s Square Health Center.

The new cards also have a magnetic stripe on the back. We have done this for possible future use in the providers' offices. The only information stored on the card is your member ID number, your name, and your date of birth; the cards cannot be read by any other card readers (such as ATM or bank machines). There is no information on the cards regarding claims or other sensitive information.

Please be aware that cards for your family may come in multiple envelopes. We can only mail two pairs of cards per envelope so some families may find that their cards are in two or more envelopes. They should arrive within a day or so of each other; if you haven't received the missing card(s) within 2 or 3 days, please call our member services department at 850-383-3311 (Medicare members, call 850-523-7441) for replacements

If you have any questions after receiving your new ID card, please call CHP Member Services at 850-383-3311; Medicare members, call 850-523-7441 (TTY/TDD users call 850-383-3534). You can also reach us toll-free at 1-877-247-6512 (TTY/TDD 1-800-955-8771).